Since its launch in 1952, Givenchy has gone on to be a highly recognised global brand and one of the biggest in the Beauty market due to the wealth of knowledge and expertise in haute couture, clothing, cosmetics and of course fragrances.


Parfums Givenchy was founded in 1957 by couturier Hubert de Givenchy. The Maison is driven by an avant garde vision and creative spirit that dares women and men to set their unique elegance free. Givenchy Fragrances are timeless products enhancing a person’s unique style. Each creation offers a distinctive olfactory signature that ensures its wearer is never forgotten. Discover L’Interdit , sophisticated and thrilling for iconic women, the fun and magnetic Irresistible or Gentleman Givenchy for the charming modern man.

Discover the new L’Interdit Eau de Toilette. A glistening floral bouquet tied up with sensual musk, Givenchy introduces the underground flower in a new skin-deep addiction. Succumb to the burning desire of the most thrilling Eau de Toilette. Anchored in duality, this feminine fragrance by Givenchy is both radiant and sensual.
L'Interdit is a tribute to bold femininity. Inhibitions burn. Resistance melts away. A white floral exalted with a dark accord. The first resolutely underground flower. The white notes - orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose - are laced with darker, more mysterious notes or vetiver and patchouli. Forbid yourself nothing. Allow no rules. An invitation to defy convention and embrace your singularity.