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You’re so nice, we’re celebrating twice! Not only will we treat you on your birthday with 15% off, but 10% off on your half birthday too (make sure your D.O.B is up to date)!

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Favourite Brand

Save on your signature scent every time you shop. Login and select your favourite brand in the My Account area to receive 10% off for an entire year.

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When will the change happen?

On the 17th May 2021 ‘The Rewards Club’ will become ‘VIP Rewards’.

At that time all the changes outlined in this letter will take effect.

What other benefits do I get?

-Save on your signature scent: Let us know your favourite brand and you’ll receive 10% off for a full 12 months

-You’re so nice, we’re celebrating twice! Not only will we treat you on your birthday, but your half birthday too (make sure your D.O.B is up to date)!

-Want to try something new, but you are not sure, there’s member exclusive free samples available with all online purchases

How do I redeem VIP Rewards?

There will be different products in each level which will change frequently to make sure there’s always something you’ll love.

The full range will be available on our website under the ‘My Account’ section. There will also be reduced availability in stores, or a friendly member of staff can assist in ordering one of the online exclusives to your door.

Moving up and down levels

Once you redeem a level, the value of that level (£100, £200 and £300) will be taken away from your 12 months’ spend balance. You can redeem multiple items from one level, so if your balance is £200 but you want two products from level 1, that’s fine with us.

The new VIP Rewards loyalty programme will move you up and down the levels based on your total spend over a 12 month period. Your spend balance will be valid for 12 months and your level will be updated accordingly.

What happens to my current points?

Don’t worry! You won’t lose your points. We will convert them over to the new VIP Rewards level system.

Of course, if you want to spend your points, then you have until 17th May to redeem them as money off vouchers. Whatever you prefer is good for us too!

What do I do with my physical card?

It’s completely up to you! Your existing card will still be valid and ready to use each time you visit us. We’ve also gone digital, so you can upload your current Rewards Club card onto our app which can be scanned when you go in-store.

If you’ve lost your physical card, don’t panic! We can look up your card in-store by searching your details on our system, you’ll never miss out.