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Part of the Estee Lauder company, Aramis was the first prestige men's fragrance to be sold in department stores. The brand continues to be an industry leader in the men’s fragrance and grooming category. Aramis embodies classic masculinity and sophi...

4When and where was the Aramis brand launched?

Aramis was originally launched in 1963 by the Estee Lauder Company in The USA.

What men’s Aramis fragrances are there?

The Perfume Shop stocks the classic Aramis range with more recent variations such as Tobacco Reserve, Modern Leather and Special Blend.

Do Aramis sell women’s fragrances?

Aramis only create men's fragrances, the classic fragrance being the first men's prestige fragrance in the USA.

How much are Aramis fragrances?

The fragrances stocked at The Perfume Shop start at £50.00 but we stock an extensive male grooming range starting at £22.00