The Perfume Shop opened its doors in 1992 and is the UK’s largest specialist fragrance retailer with over 260 stores nationwide with the first store opening in Birmingham Bull Ring. Over this time, we have sold over 100 million perfume products and continue to grow our product ranges and expertise every year.

We have trained and developed the most knowledgeable team of sales advisors in the perfume industry, proudly boasting the largest number of industry recognised CFSS (Certified Fragrance Sales Specialist) graduates in Europe.

To further showcase our dedication to fragrance expertise, we recently established our own innovative programme, "The Perfume School”, so that you can always have confidence in our high quality, unbiased advice every time you shop.

What Is Aftershave?

Firstly, an aftershave is not to be mistaken with an Eau De Toilette (EDT) - these are different products but confusingly can often share the same scent. If you want a fragrance to spray on your wrists or any other pulse points then you're after an EDT.

Aftershave says what it does on the tin; it's what you use after a shave. Aftershave is available in two forms; an aftershave balm and an aftershave lotion. The balm usually features antiseptic properties which are perfect for soothing and calming the skin after a wet shave. It’s also alcohol-free. A lotion, also known as a 'splash on', is formulated to close the pores after a wet shave.

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What Are Perfume Notes?

If you’ve noticed that your signature scent changes after a period of time on the skin, then what you're identifying are the different 'notes' of a fragrance.

Every perfume is made up of different notes. The top notes are what you can smell at first spritz and are typically light and refreshing. The opening notes of a fragrance are the first to evaporate. The middle notes (or heart notes) are usually floral and sweet and can generally last a few hours on the skin. And the base notes are usually rich and woody and are the longest- lasting notes of any scent.

What are Perfume Notes?

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What is an Eau De Toilette?

An Eau De Toilette (EDT) is the 'lighter' interpretation of a fragrance. It's often referred to as the 'day fragrance' as it can be topped up throughout the day. You can find EDT's for both men's and women's fragrances.

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What is an Accord?

An accord is a blend of three of four fragrance notes, which fuse to make a distinct fragrance scent. For example, a chypre scent is made up of a variety of citrus top notes and musky base. Think of an accord the same way as a chord in music – several notes are held down to make an identifiable chord – as it's the same principle for an accord.

What is an Accord?

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What is an Eau De Parfum?

An Eau De Parfum (EDP) is the most luxurious interpretation of a scent. It's enriched with a high concentration of fragrance oils, for longer-lasting results. EDP's are more commonly found in the women's fragrance department.

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What is Layering?

This is a method that can be used to enhance the intensity of your fragrance - perfect if you want your scent to last for hours at a time. You can do this by using matching scented body products (shower gel, cream) underneath or on top of your fragrance. Avoid mis-matched scented body products as this can alter, rather than complement, your chosen scent.

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What is a Floral Fragrance?

This category of scent is the most popular and is packed with flowers we all know and love. Common ingredients found in floral fragrances include: iris, jasmine and lily. The most popular ingredient for a floral fragrance is rose.

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What is an Oriental Fragrance?

Often described as rich, smooth and sensual an oriental fragrance is a distinct category of scent. Key ingredients include: orange blossom, vanilla and spices.

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Where should you spray your Fragrance?

You may have your daily fragrance ritual down to a T, but to get the most wear out of your chosen scent it’s advisable to spray directly on pulse points. These areas radiate the most heat and include: in between elbows; behind ears; behind knees and the lower back.

Expert Tip: Hair is the most absorbent part of the body so a simple spritz directed above the head can go a long way!

Where should you spray your perfume?

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How to Make Perfume Last Longer

If you find your fragrance is wearing off sooner than you would like then there are measures you can take to increase the intensity of it – without spraying double the amount! Try layering the scent over matching body products (also see 'What is Layering?'). Always ensure you apply your fragrance on your pulse points as this will release the scent throughout the day. Also, refrain from dabbing fragrance as this will bruise the notes and affect the scent as well as how long it lasts.

How do you make your perfume last longer?

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How to Apply your Fragrance

There are no set rules as to how many times you should apply your fragrance, you can top us as little or as often as you like. But, always allow the scent to settle naturally on the skin – no rubbing or dabbing as this will bruise the notes. Also, it's a common misconception that if you can no longer smell your own fragrance that the scent has worn off. This is not necessarily true as over time your nose becomes desensitised to a fragrance, so while you can no longer smell it others around you can.

How do you apply your fragrance?

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The Best way to store your fragrance

The best environment for storing a fragrance is a cool, dark place. Anywhere away from humidity and direct sunlight. So avoid storing on a bathroom shelf and instead store in a cupboard or drawer.

What's the best way to store your fragrance?

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In-Store Expertise

As a customer of The Perfume Shop, you can benefit from our extensive fragrance expertise in store. Sally Little, our head of Learning and Development explains exactly what happens behind the scenes to ensure our people are trained to the highest level in the perfume industry making us able to give you the best advice.

SallyAt The Perfume Shop we take our expertise very seriously. The learning starts on day one when all of our team members are automatically enrolled as students of The Perfume School. The Perfume School starts with 2 levels – Foundation and Diploma, during which all staff get the chance to learn about all aspects of the world of perfume and how to recommend the perfect fragrance.

Next we offer all of our team members the chance to complete an external qualification and work alongside The Fragrance Foundation to complete their Fragrance Foundation Online Training. We are very proud to state that The Perfume Shop has the most qualified perfume experts in Europe!

We also work alongside some of the world’s leading perfume experts such as Michael Edwards. Our store managers attend a Fragrance of the World Masterclass delivered by the man himself!

The final part of our expertise journey is with a select group of students, our Masters. They have worked towards creating their very own perfume though experiencing some of the most amazing parts of the perfume industry. They have all passed their TIPA Advanced Perfume Training and even visited the perfume capital of the world, Paris to work with Guerlain and Peirre Aulas from Thierry Mugler.

Michael Edwards

Our Fragrance Expert

Michael Edwards is the international expert and ambassador of fragrance classification and a true fountain of all perfume knowledge, working exclusively with TPS in the UK for 15 years.

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