Ted Baker

Ted Baker has a rich heritage of creating covetable, quality products that are exquisitely designed and recognisably Ted Baker. Quintessentially British and renowned for its perfect mix of distinctive design, beautiful quality and unconventional creativity, everything Ted Baker does is liberally spiced with its irreverent sense of humour and unswerving attention to detail. Ted Baker delights by creating and celebrating the unexpected in the everyday.


Ted Baker's collection of fragrances combines bold designs with captivating scents that are sure to entice. From irreverent floral scents to earthy, woody aromas, these beautifully packaged fragrances are a treat to treasure. 

Discover M & W by Ted Baker. A fragrance duo designed to reflect each other in a timeless interpretation of masculine and feminine scents.


Introducing three floral fragrances waiting to bloom. Meet Polly, Mia and Amelia. Brought together through the language of flowers, these three fragrances are an expression rich in playful passion, youthful spirit, and lasting beauty.


Combining a fascination for the alchemy of aroma with the world’s most sought-after elements, Ted Baker Tonics is a collection of fragrances for men in Silver Ag, Gold Au and Copper Cu. These highly charged fragrances are sure to spark a positive reaction.