Zadig & Voltaire

Founded in 1997 in Paris, Zadig & Voltaire is a modern luxury brand, creating a strong connection between fashion and fragrance. Zadig & Voltaire goes beyond fashion, designing fragrances that empower you to feel confident and express yourself, free to speak your mind. Fragrance is the ultimate accessory.

Attractive & Passionate

Her and him are opposed and attracted to each other. A passionate love in black and white. The alchemy of a forever young couple at the heart of these two timeless fragrances.

This Is Her!

A delightful woody, floral perfume. Authentic. An elegant Parisian girl dressed in white silk and cashmere, full of sensuality. This young, wandering beauty casually spreads a floral bouquet with jasmine Sambac, elevated by the rose bay.

This Is Him!

Independent. This young, wild man casually mixes a vibrant incense with grapefruit, and lifted with a note of black pepper. Strong and free, his masculine mindset reflects the sensual and addictive vanilla heart notes, giving way to a lingering rock 'n roll scent of sandalwood: it is Zadig & Voltaire’s signature.