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Our Social Purpose

At The Perfume Shop, we’re working hard behind the scenes so you can have confidence and trust in your perfume choices. We are an inclusive company that cares about our communities, people and planet as much as perfume. Join us on our conscious journey so you can #FeelGoodWhenYouSmellGood.

Scent With Love

With our social purpose pledges, we are committed to raising £1million for our chosen charities by 2026. We have expanded our bottle recycling scheme to all stores as well as giving you a 15% discount on your next purchase when you recycle. Not only that, we’re now working with veritree to plant a tree for every bottle recycled. We’ve switched our energy provider to a zero carbon 100% renewable source, and we are fully committed to delivering even more sustainable products and choices for the future. We’re passionate and excited to be on our Feel Good journey and we’ll be spritzing perfume along the way! With our commitments, we can all “Feel Good When You Smell Good”!

Gill Smith - Managing Director

Our Promise

We're driven by doing good

We'll always put customers first

We promise to support good causes

We promise to focus on what matters most

We'll always make your happiness & wellbeing our priority