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    The AZZARO brand is the embodiment of sensuality and timeless seduction, inherited from Azzaro Mediterranean roots. More than a lifestyle, Azzaro is a Mediterranean art of living. The Azzaro brand invites men to embrace the sensation of living an endless summer and to make like a celebration. Wearing an AZZARO fragrance is a symbol of excellence. In its perpetual quest for new emotions, Azzaro composes its fragrances in collaboration with the most talented perfumers. AZZARO brand creates perfumes with a vision in mind: the quality of the trails and the selection of the finest raw materials to offer unique and singular fragrances.

    Who is the founder of Azzaro?

    The founder of the Azzaro brand is the Tunisian born Sicilian designer, Loris Azzaro.

    What men’s Azzaro fragrances are there?

    The Perfume Shop stock the Azzaro Chrome and Wanted ranges, which include variations such as Chrome Aqua and Wanted by Night.

    What women’s Azzaro fragrances are there?

    The Perfume Shop stock the Azzaro Wanted Girl range.

    How much are Azzaro fragrances?

    The fragrances stocked at The Perfume Shop start at £26.99