Online & Member Accounts

Online & Member Accounts

Do I need to have an online account to checkout online?

No! You do not need to have an account as you can checkout as a guest. However, if you are a Rewards Club card holder, you are required to have an online account that is linked to your card in order to accumulate/use points or redeem any member exclusive online offers.

What is the difference between an online account and a Rewards Club card account?

A Rewards Club card account is given to members to accumulate points on purchases. An online account is an account created for online orders where you can access order history, saved addresses and more. These two accounts can be linked together if you choose.

Why is my member offer not working when I have a Rewards Club card?

The reason why your member offer is not working is that your card may not be linked to an online account. The offers come directly from your Rewards Club card, so if your Rewards Club card and online account are not linked, you will not receive member offers.

How do I create an online account?

Creating an online account is very simple. All you need to do is click here and select the 'Create New Account' tab. From there, just enter the required details and you'll be up and running in no time.

How do I link my current Rewards Club card with an online account?

When creating an online account, you are given an option to link your new account with your existing Rewards Club card that you signed up for in store. You do this by entering the card number on your existing physical Rewards Club card.

If I have lost or misplaced my Rewards Club card, can I get a new card number online?

Yes! When creating an online account there is an option available for to add a new Digital Rewards Club Card. To transfer points from your existing physical card to your new digital card, please contact Customer Services.

What is a digital Rewards Club card?

A digital Rewards Club card is automatically created if you select the Digital Rewards Club Card option when creating your online account. This will give you automatic access to online Member offers when logged in to your account.

What are the differences between a physical and a digital card?

Physical and Digital Rewards Club cards bring all the same benefits to our Members. A physical card is just that, something you can keep in your purse or wallet. A digital card is issued as a card number only and both can be used in store and online.