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I received a pop up that stated I could not purchase my chosen items together and must pay for them separately, why is this?

Limited availability products need to be sent separately from other product(s) as they will be shipped from a separate location. This means you will need to place a separate order for the limited availability item.

Will I need to pay for delivery twice for these separate orders?

Yes, as each order will be delivered separately, you will need to pay for delivery on each ROI order.

Can I use a discount code/promotion on these products?

Yes, you can use most discount codes/promotions on limited availability products, however limited availability products will be excluded from multibuy promotions e.g. buy one get one half price, as you can only purchase 1 limited availability product per order.

Can I earn and redeem rewards on these orders?

Yes, you can still earn rewards when purchasing limited availability products however you will not be able to redeem rewards on that order.

Will I receive two separate confirmation emails?

Yes, you’ll get an order confirmation for each order placed.

Will I receive two separate tracking numbers?

Yes, you’ll get a shipped e-mail and a separate tracking number for each order placed.

Will the quality of an item sent from store be the same as an item shipped from your warehouse?

Yes, our instore Perfume Experts will ensure the same ‘scentsational’ quality that our warehouse team also provide.

Can I return an item sent from store back to you the same way?

Yes, the same returns policy applies to limited availability products sent from store. You can find more info here.