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WomensFragrance Families

  • Aromatic Fragrances

    Be Delicious. Enjoy my time or time with the world, with this small family of calming scents. Make a statement with these new kids on the block.

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  • Citrus Fragrances

    Be Zesty. Feel fresh for that early spring morning walk, or be ready for that important lunch time date. Just get up go with these sunshine in a bottle.

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  • Amber Fragrances

    Be Seductive. Know your worth, whether you’re after a bit of va-va-voom for a late-night date, or a more lighter version for a daytime statement. Your skin feels alive with these dawn of time musks.

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  • Floral Fragrances

    Get Blooming. Serenade yourself with floral notes, from that June wedding to an afternoon of cream tea. Celebrate life with the ultimate bouquet of love and joy.

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  • Fruity Fragrances

    Get Juicy. Feel youthful, from being ready for the morning stroll in the park to an evening to remember. Life tastes sweeter with this modern full’n fruity lot.

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  • Woody Fragrances

    Get Tough. Feel reassured, for that important interview or a day out with loved ones. Calm yourself and get back to nature with these classics.

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