Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez
For Her Musc Noir
Eau de Parfum Spray

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for her MUSC NOIR

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The for her signature, heart of musc, is enveloped in an accord of plum, heliotrope and leather notes to create a fragrance blending shadow and light, mystery and extreme sensuality.

Narciso Woman
History of the fragrance:

The new Narciso Rodriguez fragrance, for her MUSC NOIR, pays tribute to the inner beauty of each woman.This new chapter in the collection is an ode to the mysterious nature of feminine sensuality. Here, musc has been reinvented to underscore the new scent’s addictive nature and paints the fascinating portrait of a modern, enigmatic femininity.

Narciso Musc Noir Bottle
The bottle:

The iconic for her bottle is laid bare in a play on transparency and appears in its purest form. The perfume takes on a delicate and visible pink hue, echoing the original for her. This pure graphic object lets an incredibly intense, bold light shine through, enhancing the fragrance

Narciso Range
Infinite ways to tailor your for her fragrance

When layered with for her PURE MUSC eau de parfum, the quintessence of a sensual heart of musc, MUSC NOIR eau de parfum is transformed into an addictive and powerful sillage – your personal sillage.

Pure Musc

Narciso Rodriguez

Eau de parfum

For Her EDT

Narciso Rodriguez

Eau de Toilette

For Her EDP

Narciso Rodriguez

Eau de parfum

Musc Noir Rose

Narciso Rodriguez

Eau de parfum


Top notes
Heart notes
Heliotrope, Heart of Music
Base notes
Leather Suede Accord


Launch date
In for her MUSC NOIR eau de parfum, the signature heart of musc is enveloped in mystery and sensuality. Inspired by the original for her fragrance, MUSC NOIR reinterprets its core, building on the iconic fragrance’s darkest and most intense facets.

Top notes of juicy plum followed by heliotrope, an addictive flower with an intoxicating scent, bring brightness to the fragrance. Next, the captivating heart of musc builds texture with a dark and sensual leather suede accord.

This enigmatic fragrance pays homage to the duality of all women, where shadows and light search for each other in a blend of mystery and extreme sensuality. for her MUSC NOIR reveals the femininity of each woman and pays tribute to her inner beauty, revealing it for all who wear the perfume.

For the first time, the iconic for her bottle is completely translucent. Its graphic lines and raw elegance reveal the perfume’s enigmatic, seductive pink hue.

How to Apply:

For an even more addictive fragrance, combine MUSC NOIR eau de parfum with PURE MUSC eau de parfum. Layering these two fragrances magnifies the plum facet of MUSC NOIR eau de parfum while preserving the sensuality of the heart of musc.