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NIP + FAB believes in a fix for every skin concern, and it’s this philosophy that has inspired their ingredient lead skincare. The NIP + FAB skincare range has us introducing ingredients such as glycolic, retinol, vitamin C and salicylic acid into our daily skincare routines, making them feel much more accessible.

Whether you’re after products that will hydrate or tighten your skin, there’s a targeted range to suit you. Looking to brighten your glow? Then a Vitamin C Fix Fix will leave you luminous in no time. Or if it’s a deep exfoliation you’re after, look no further than the Glycolic Fix to give you that radiant boost along with a smoother complexion. Squeaky clean pores and blemish-free skin your goal? Get a Salicylic Fix to help you de-congest. And if it’s younger-looking skin you’re lusting after, the Retinol Fix range will help tackle fine lines and wrinkles – it’s the powerhouse you need on your bathroom shelf. The NIP + FAB ranges include skincare for every step of your routine, from cleansers and face scrubs to serums and moisturisers.

This innovative beauty brand delivers luxury results with its cutting-edge ingredients – putting NIP + FAB on your must-have list. Shop our collection here at The Perfume Shop for all your daily skincare routine essentials.

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