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Alien Goddess Supra Florale
Eau de Parfum Spray

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Product code: 1282932RRP £125.00
90ML £94.99 each Save £30.01
90ML Mugler Alien Goddess Supra Florale Eau de Parfum Spray  1 of 1
Mugler Alien Goddess Supra Florale Eau de Parfum Spray
90ML £94.99 each Save £30.01
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Alien Goddess Supra Florale bottle with ingredients

In this luminous floral ambery women's fragrance, the original Eau de Parfum’s golden flower turns into a mercurial flower that blends three blooms. A fresh green cactus flower accord, the signature jasmine Grandiflorum superinfusion heart, and the salty, ambery everlasting flower

Alien Goddess Supra Flora Bottle Range

Alien Goddess Supra Florale introduces a new edgy incarnation of Mugler’s fearless solar Goddess, setting free an extraordinary, otherworldly supra flower in a radiant rose-gold talisman bottle – enfolding the world in hyperbolic beauty.  

Alien range bottle images

As an expert in daring excess, Mugler creates fragrances with powerful trails that boost self-confidence and allow all women to express their femininity, mood or sensuality to the world. These include Alien and its different versions: Alien Eau de Toilette, Alien Eau de Parfum, Alien Goddess, Alien Goddess Intense and the novelty, Alien Goddess Supra Florale. Each offer a unique olfactory identity, to reveal the inner goddess that shines within you.

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“Unveiling a new vision of florality, even more daring and avant-garde.”
Marie Salamagne, Principal Perfumer & Nathalie Lorson, Master Perfumer
Envision an ever-growing supra flower, brought to life by the power of Alien Goddess. A floral ambery fragrance, the new offering exalts the original Eau de Parfum’s florality even further. Here, its signature solar jasmine morphs into a new, ultramodern bloom that melds three terrestrial flowers into one otherworldly floral creature. A supra-sensorial experience that showcases Mugler’s creativity and expertise with three radiant revelations:
The refreshing revelation
Prickly and fierce, it is the tough, uber-resilient power of life, blooming fresh and coloured green in an environment that is almost extra-terrestrial. Its symbol is the cactus flower accord that opens the fragrance with an explosion of luminescent, vegetal freshness, brightened with a juicy splash of pear accord.
The flourishing revelation
It is a moment of transcendence and transformation. The jasmine Grandiflorum superinfusion is exalted by a new, hybrid bloom: a co-distillate of jasmine sambac and everlasting flower. The white flower’s opulence is magnified, and develops edgy, slightly salty facets.
The audacious revelation
Liquid gold fires up the mercurial flower with its warmth and richness. Feel the power of everlasting flower absolute, its ambery tones enhanced by a dash of mineral moss, a singular and surprising way for the fragrance to reach its apotheosis.

Mugler fragrances are not applied in the same way as others. Because of their unique structure and extraordinary ingredients, they waft a powerful trail. Therefore, Mugler has designed a unique, dedicated ritual to provide the best possible enjoyment of the scent's quintessence and voluptuousness: the “Mugler cloud”.
First, spray a generous amount of Alien Goddess Supra Florale in a circle in front of you to create a cloud of scent. Step into this luminous halo.
The Mugler cloud gesture ensures the right dose of perfume is applied, to last all day long. Whether you want a discrete trail or a more generous application, everything is possible with the Mugler cloud you are free to choose!