Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake
Fusion d'Issey
Eau de Toilette for him

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The sparkling brightness of lemon is paired with the milky sweetness of coconut water, a long-lasting solar scent. In an ethereal whisper, essence of fresh rosemary, geranium, and cardamom (both cool and blazing) dissipate, filling the surroundings with their trailing scent.


Fusion d’Issey transforms this eruption of energy into a bold, nuanced composition, giving rise to a creative, endemic nature. Depth, tension, and power for a distinctive fragrance.



Vertical and elegant, the bottle soars. Deep blue polished glass lies between cobalt and blue-black tinted with green.

The first opus, Fusion d’Issey, is a fragrance of contrasts, vitality, energy. Fusion d’Issey Extrême is continuing to tell the story with a new facet accented by spices. Surging forth from the depths of the sea is the incandescence of a new fragrance taken to the Extrême.


A rewriting of a masculine classic. A play on contrasts between the cold and the heat of warming spices.



Top notes
Lemon Essence, Coconut Water
Heart notes
Sandalwood, Mineral Solar Accord
Base notes
Patchouli Essence


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A creation fused in the heart of nature. Fusion d'Issey, created by master perfumer Nathalie Lorson, is an aftershave for men that combines nature's every facet for an innovative approach to a masculine fragrance.

The Fragrance - Inspired by nature's four elements, water, earth, fire, and air, the fragrance juxtaposes hot and cold throughout. Starting off fresh at the top, explosive and lively notes of lemon are softened by the sweet, milkiness of coconut. A mineral solar accord, engineered to emulate the scent of the minerals basking in the sun, is posed with the heart note of sandalwood. Deep in the base, the image of a volcanic forest comes to life with the essence of patchouli.

The Bottle - Resounding the contrasts of the fragrance, the bottle stands tall and strong in blue, deep glass. The cap is multifaceted, just like black obsidian or volcanic glass. The blue and black theme carries throughout the bottle, its figure trapping in light and illuminating in any setting. Like lava, the name Fusion d'Issey pierces through this surface to create a truly striking finish.

Application - Spray the fragrance on your pulse points: neck, wrists, and inner elbows. It can also be sprayed over clothing and your upper body.

Inspiration - The concept of volcanoes guided Fusion d'Issey's creation. A site where all four elements meet, volcanoes are a powerful source yet also serve as an incredible source of life. It's this contrast that underpins every aspect in Fusion d'Issey's creation.