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Toy 2 Pearl
Eau de Parfum Spray

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Product code: 1292795RRP £46.00
30ML £46.00 each
30ML Moschino Toy 2 Pearl Eau de Parfum Spray  1 of 1
Moschino Toy 2 Pearl Eau de Parfum Spray
30ML £46.00 each
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Toy 2 Pearl

Experience the enchantment of Moschino's iconic teddy bear with the Toy 2 Pearl fragrance. Embodying opulence, Devon Aoki unveils a scent inspired by Tahitian mother of pearl. A symphony of citrus, floral heart notes and sweet vetiver, elegantly encased in iridescent bottles reminiscent of ocean treasures.

Toy 2 Pearl bottle in shell

Moschino Toy 2 Pearl is an intense and genderless fragrance. Hydroponic jasmine living is invigorated by sparkling, salty lemon in a combination that injects joy and energy in their purest form. It is presented in an iconic teddy bear-shaped bottle in a multi-faceted colour inspired by the seabed and Tahitian mother of pearl.

Toy 2 Pearl bottle with grey background

The fragrance opens with the freshness of lemon heart combined with the heady aroma of oregano and sparkling lemon sorbet. The heart contains the elegance of jasmine along with the comforting notes of sand and freesia that transport us to a sun-soaked island paradise. The base comprises the woody sweetness of vetiver, together with invigorating accents of cypress, while a touch of musk adds timeless softness.

Model holding Toy 2 Pearl bottle

The fragrance house behind Toy 2 Pearl explores the profound impact of ingredients on the mind through neuroscience. By adopting a neuroscientific approach and utilising a unique Science of Wellness program, blending artificial intelligence, exclusive IFF ingredients and 40 years of consumer data they crafted a groundbreaking Moschino perfume. With 2.5 million brain measurements, the fragrance house observes significant activation of brain networks linked to eight emotional and cognitive dimensions. Domitille Michalon-Bertier's innovative use of this approach results in Toy 2 Pearl, a fragrance uniquely stimulating a profound sensation of joyfulness and energy in its wearer.

Closeup of model holding bottle

With 99.9% of its ingredients obtained by means of green chemistry, 94% of its prime materials biodegradable and 44% of ingredients derived naturally, Moschino toy 2 pearl is not shy when it comes to sustainable credentials. It is also compatible with vegan principles.

Product Information

Top notes

Scent of lemon sorbet, LMR lemon heart, Oregano

Heart notes

Jasmine, Sand, LMR vetiver essence, Freesia

Base notes

LMR upcycled cypress, Sinfonide (musk)



The iconic Moschino teddy bear has had an ethereal makeover.

Returning, but this time in fantastical mermaid form, Devon Aoki is the stunning face of this distinctively fresh new fragrance!

Inspired by Tahitian mother of pearl, Toy 2 Pearl is a fragrance of simultaneous whimsy and opulence. Its scents are familiar yet fantastical and the citrus accord emerges in two forms as the initial wave of sharp lemon is followed by sweet sherbet which gently bubbles to the surface.

The zesty opening is followed by elegant heart notes of jasmine, sand and freesia reminiscent of an island paradise surrounded by crystal blue waters, before rounding off with sweet vetiver and invigorating cypress.

Each individual bottle’s iridescent hues, reminiscent of the pearly treasures of the vast ocean floor, vary in tones making each one enchantingly unique.