Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne
Pure XS For Her
Eau de Parfum for her - 50ML

Product code: 1224979 | RRP £64.50 | £129.00 PER 100ml
50ML - £64.50

Pure XS For Her

Excess In Its Purest Form

The new feminine eau de parfum from Paco Rabanne. A fragrance without inhibitions embodied by the electrifying Emily Ratajkowski.

Excess in its Purest State

Excess in its Purest State

With its sculptural glass bottle Pure XS for her captivates, accelerates and escalates the senses.


Don't Call me a Lady, Call me a Queen!

Emily Ratajkowski is empowered and confident. Fierce and fearless, she encourages women to wear proudly their bodies.

A Wild Floral Oriental

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    Ylang-ylang on Hot Vanilla

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    An Intriguing Popcorn-note Burst


Top notes
Heart notes
Salty-Sweet Popcorn, Ambrette Seed
Base notes
Vanilla, Sandalwood


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Oriental Scent for Her

A favourite fragrance family... warm, powdery, rich and musky fragrances that are perfect for the evening and winter months.
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Pure XS for her. Excess in its purest state. A floral with a wild orgasmic bite. Ylang-ylang unleashes its raw erotica into the heat of hot vanilla. Audaciously devastating, viciously liber-ating, popcorn that packs a punch. 24/7 addiction. Popped puffed corn, musk, and milkwood notes ignite the skin. Desire-on-fire.