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Reignite your memories with this candle trio set from the Maison Margiela REPLICA collection, designed to create three different scented atmospheres at home. This set contains 3 candles in a 70g size, beautifully presented in a Maison Margiela gift box.

3 candles, 3 rooms:

By The Fireplace
In your living room: Reignite the memory of relaxing next to a warm, crackling fire on a winter's day. A spicy, woody scent with Red Berries, Clove Oil, Cashmeran, and Chestnut Accord.
Lazy Sunday Morning
In your bedroom: Reignite the memory of a lazy Sunday morning, wrapped in fresh, clean cotton sheets. A fresh, floral scent with Lily of the Valley, Rose, and White Musks.
Bubble Bath
In your bathroom: Reignite the memory of a moment of relaxation in the bath. A clean, cosy scent with soothing Soap Bubbles Accord, Coconut Milk, Lavender, and White Musks.
From Maison Margiela’s Replica collection: the scents your memories are made of.

-Candle (70g)
-Candle (70g)
-Candle (70g)