Institut Karité Paris
Jungle Hand Cream Set
Hand Cream

Product code: 1254645 | RRP £25.00 | £83.33 PER 100ml
30ML - £25.00




Let yourself be seduced by this Metal Box with Jungle Paradise design containing:

- Shea Light Rose Mademoiselle Hand Cream: Institut Karité Paris celebrates the Queen of Flowers with this Shea butter hand cream delicately scented with rose, a symbol of elegance and femininity. This flower-adorned cream will gently care for your hands.

- Shea Hand Cream 30 mL Verbena: Institut Karité Paris revives the legend of magicians and their love potions. Fall under the spell of the So Magic Hand Cream scented with calming and bewitching Verbena…

- Shea Hand Cream 30 mL Jasmine: In the pearly light of dawn, an enchanting perfume envelops Montmartre, Paris. Discover this Shea hand cream and let yourself be swept away by its refined, precious jasmine scent. Full of sunny colours, this cream will gently care for your hands.

- Shea Hand Cream 30mL Lavender: This sun-drenched Hand Cream lapped by the Mediterranean takes you to the heart of authentic and magical Provence to share its most tantalising tale. So Fairy!