Eau de Parfum for her

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Heart notes
Sea Buckthorne Berries, Jasmine and Dark Woods.


Floral Scent for Her

The most popular female fragrance family. Soft, feminine and bursting with Roses, Jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, and more.
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Cloud Collection by Zarko Perfume is a floral woody perfume that contrasts light and dark accents in layers. The perfume itself, which took 4 years to develop, settles into layers in the bottle, partially clear," partially copper – you need to shake the contents before spraying.

""Cloud Collection is the world’s first perfume that reacts to its environment"," the weather and the personal aura of its wearer. It seems to be alive and reminds us to enjoy every single moment of our lives to the fullest."" - Zarko

A fragrance unlike any other", the weightless molecules and suspension lines are obliterated as you watch the molecular notes interact with their base partners.
The perfume oil lies beneath the water instead of swimming on its surface. The molecules in the water will only develop into a fine fragrance once it touches human skin.
Cloud Collection Copper Ribbon No1 includes some of the finest perfume oils: Sea Buckthorne Berries, Jasmine and Dark Woods.

How To Use:
Shake the bottle for 4 seconds to activate the fragrance and watch the cloud form.

Cloud Collection is a feminine fragrance