Valeur Absolue

Carefully selected natural ingredients, known for their positive virtues on human psychology, make Valeur Absolue the ultimate combination of fine perfumery and well-being. Smell divine. Feel intensively well. Share the beauty of responsible luxury. Three promises held by Valeur Absolue. VEGAN, CRUELTY-FREE & WELL BEING FRAGRANCE.

Who is the founder of Valeur Absolue?

The founder of the Valeur Absolue brand is luxury beauty expert and enthusiast, Bénédicte Foucart.

What men’s Valeur Absolue fragrances are there?

Valeur Absolue only currently produce women's perfumes.

What women’s Valeur Absolue fragrances are there?

The Perfume Shop stock the Vitalite, Serenitude, Confiance, Harmonie, Joie-Eclat and Rouge Passion ranges.

How much are Valeur Absolue fragrances?

The fragrances stocked at The Perfume Shop start at £15.99