This Works

This Works
Stress Check Breathe In
Eau de Parfum Roller-Pearl for her

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Refresh and calm your senses with this aroma-therapeutic roller ball.

When: stress check breathe in is suitable for use from the moment you wake-up, helping to calm the mind and reduce tension before the day begins before the day begins. Being small & compact it is also the perfect companion to guide you through life’s’ daily stresses.

How: This calming and relaxing super concentrated 100% natural Superblend of pure essential oils includes refreshing Eucalyptus to cleanse, invigorate and help counter physical and mental fatigue. Frankincense essential oil acts as an antiseptic to help fight infections and to aids physical and mental relaxation whilst Lavender Oil is the most effective oil in helping hypertension, nervous tension and insomnia.

Why: This Works stress check breathe in is a soothing rescue remedy to help you breathe more easily and calm your senses. Reducing the effect of stress in your day to improve the quality of your sleep at night..

Glide on to wrists and pulse points at any time to relieve feeling of stress. Roll into the palm of your hands and take 5 deep breaths.