Show some real love this Valentine's Day

2020 has been a test for a lot of people and a lot of people's relationships. With the start of 2021 looking like more of the same, at least for a while, there could be more testing times to come. Thankfully, when the going gets tough, REAL LOVE gets stronger! Real love isn't those cliché, romantic, rehearsed moments. Real love is the everyday things we do for each other that we may not even notice - like taking out the bins, watching their 'terrible' boxsets or even serenading them with their favourite song! This Valentine's Day, we’re celebrating the real moments from real people - the little things that together tell a real love story.

Here's some Real Love facts

We enlisted the help of the great British public and asked over 600 people in relationships what Real Love means to them and revealed...

  • 75% agree that little surprises show REAL LOVE more than big date nights.
  • 78% agree that having a partner who makes you laugh is more important than good looks.
  • 63% agree that choosing a present for me is more romantic than asking me what I want.
  • 62% say REAL LOVE means picking me up when I'm having a bad day.
  • 66% of 18-24 year olds say REAL LOVE is paying me more attention than your phone.
  • 68% say having their partner make their favourite meal is better than going out to an expensive restaurant.
  • 86% agree that it’s better to have a partner they can always count on rather than someone who is always exciting.
  • 71% agree that asking about my day is more of a sign of REAL LOVE than just saying the words 'I love you'.
  • 77% agree that giving me space is just as important as being together.

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