Infusion d'Iris
Body Lotion for her

Product code: 1067149 | RRP €49.00 | €19.60 PER 100ml
250ML - €49.00


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Top notes
Neroli - Mandarin
Heart notes
Iris Pallida
Base notes
Benzoin - Incense
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As elusive and unique as the precious ingredient from which it takes its name, Infusion d’Iris is inspired by a search for balance and harmony in a chaotic and contradictory world. Infusion d’Iris is a perfume that resists feminine stereotypes. It is not defined by the age of a woman or by her sexual attitude. Instead, it evokes an ultra-feminine experience set within a world of luxury and possibility – the quintessential Prada universe. The fragrance walks a tonal tightrope between freshness and endurance. Its mood is poised between the optimism and innocence of childhood, our place in the present, and the forward-looking world-view of Prada. The effect is a vision of timelessness within a timerestricted lifestyle.