Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne
1 Million
Parfum for him

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Top notes
Salty Pulse: Salty Tuberose Notes, Ambroxan, Cashmeran
Heart notes
Leathery Opulence: Notes of Sun-Drenched Leather, Citrus Resin
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How to be 1 Million among Millions?

Be confident with your style.
Do not be afraid to be outrageous.
Be brave enough to be too much. To be 1 Million.

1 MILLION Parfum. A solar-leather scent with salty notes, warm on skin. Full beam-gleam. A perfume with power. Time to make your mark.

Sun-drenched leather with salty effects. A warm deliberate scent on the edge of the extreme.


Salty pulse: "tuberous salty" textured by amber woods. Leather opulence: accord "solar leather" patinated with notes of resin and pine.


24 years old and a brilliant energy. Charisma to spare. His name is Joey Bada$$, and he’s one of the superstars of the international hip hop scene. Born in Brooklyn, this young American rap prodigy is also an actor (Mr. Robot with Rami Malek, among others) and an entrepreneur. A committed, respected artist, he lends his voice to those who cannot be heard. His motto: to be free and proud, and above all, to keep his head held high. He is getting ready to release a new solo album in 2020.
1 Million


1 Million Parfum has the audacity of leather. An intensely masculine scent, with sun-drenched charm. The fragrance dares to push boundaries and plays with the senses. A duality between salty notes and leather. A fragrance with amber heat for an exacerbated sensuality. 1 Million Parfum is addictive, like gold. Like an emblem carved in metal, this fragrance is for those who dare to stand out amongst the millions. Be excessive. Bold. Exaggerate, just a little.


1 Million Parfum


Salty pulse: salty tuberose notes, ambroxan, cashmeran. Leathery opulence: notes of sun-drenched leather, citrus resin.


How to become 1 Million among Millions? Be excessive with your style. By exaggerating, just enough. Always be bold. Dare to be too much. Make 1 Million Parfum your own. A unique fragrance. Among Millions.


How to build an empire Million style? Risk it all. Never stop. Desire your destiny. Lady MILLION EMPIRE, fragrance for women. Brilliant magnolia flower on cognac-addiction. A floral chypre.