Collection 1
Eau de Parfum for her

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Top notes
Thyme, Raspberry, Saffron
Heart notes
Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Incense
Base notes
Oud Wood, Musk, Patchouli


Launch date
The collection of seven perfumes came about as a result of an Arabic story concerning the character Nejma, who represents fate or coincidence and whose name means ‘a good star’ in Arabic. She is captured to be sold as a slave but the man who buys her ends up falling in love with her; he is spellbound by her sweetness and the natural perfume of her body. Their union produced seven daughters, each as beautiful as the last, and these were the inspiration behind the idea of seven perfumes. Each one is made with diverse ingredients but always with oud as the base. Number one is a vibrant perfume with a sensual and intense character, starting right from the top with notes of thyme, raspberry and saffron. The floral heart of Bulgarian rose, jasmine and incense then gives way to a dry-down of oud wood, musk and patchouli that rounds out this Oriental/Woody eau de parfum.