Toy Boy
Eau de Parfum Gift Set

Product code: 1276975 | RRP €78.00 | €118.00 PER 100ml
50ML - €59.00 Save €19.00




Toy Boy, an iconic fragrance by Moschino. Toy Boy eau de parfum reinterprets elegance with a touch of irony. It speaks to a unique, dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate man, but one who is not afraid to reveal his more tender and playful side. Toy Boy is an exciting play of endless codes seeking out re-evaluation and liberation. An intense kiss that reflects the energy and strength of the modern Moschino man but that also dissolves when it encounters his tender embrace. As well as the 50ml eau de parfum, this Moschino Toy Boy coffret contains both a 50ml shower gel and 50ml aftershave balm that has a toning and emollient effect which leaves the face soft and gently scented. Designed for everyday use, the perfumed bath & shower gel is both moisturising and emollient, immediately providing a lasting sensation of well-being and freshness and leaving a delicate scent of the Toy Boy fragrance on the skin.

- Eau de Parfum Spray (50ml)
- Shower Gel (50ml)
- Aftershave Balm (50ml)