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Michael Kors
Wonderlust Sublime
Eau de Parfum Spray

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Wonderlust Sublime

Discover a place filled with wonder, where endless sensuality awaits. Michael Kors Wonderlust Sublime is an oriental floral amber fragrance capturing the moment of golden hour—the peak of sun-drenched days spent basking on the beach. Radiating with a blissful solar warmth and the bold floral heart of the original Wonderlust, an amber and oriental finale emulate the sun’s rays on bronzed skin to form a sensual, glowing addiction. Bottling the time of day when sunlight turns magical, Sublime takes you from late afternoon to evening with ease.

The Fragrance

  • Ingredient1


    Spicy and sweet, the flower’s clove-like aroma is at the heart of every Wonderlust fragrance.

  • Ingredient2


    The intensely sweet scent of Tahitian gardenias transport you to the French Polynesia islands.

  • Ingredient3


    The heat of this aromatic resin gives the fragrance it’s warm, sunlit finale.


The Bottle
The Michael Kors Wonderlust Sublime bottle is a study in sensual curves. Appearing to glow from within its thick glass base, the brilliant reflection of inner gold color, matching gold-tone cap and logo accents shine like gleaming rays. The gradient bronze-colored carton captures the luxurious warmth and glow right before sunset.


The Campaign
The newest Michael Kors Wonderlust campaign transports jet setters to the distant shores of a whimsical locale: Fantasy Island. Bringing the dream of blue skies and sun-kissed skin to life, the imagery sees supermodel Gigi Hadid indulging in the magic of paradise—whistling along to tunes on the record player, collecting shells, basking in the beauty of solitude. Follow along as she finds exactly what it is she desires during an exotic escape, then discover and share your own wishes with #whatiLUST




Discover a place filled with wonder, where endless radiance awaits. Introducing Michael Kors
Wonderlust Sublime—the new fragrance evoking the time of day when sunlight turns magical.
Adding a solar warmth to the bold floral heart of the original Michael Kors Wonderlust, Michael Kors
Wonderlust Sublime captures the enchantment of golden hour.

Bottling the sunlit warmth of paradise, Michael Kors Wonderlust Sublime opens with a sultry solar flare.
Let go and experience the warmth of luminous orange flowers that wrap the fragrance in a golden hour
Notes of bold dianthus flower—the heart of every Wonderlust fragrance—and the exotic tiare flower
from Tahiti form a sun-drenched bouquet at the heart.
In the back, amber and oriental notes evoke the feel of the sun’s rays on bronzed skin.