Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier
Le Male
Eau de Toilette Gift Set

Product code: 1277500 | RRP €75.00 | €100.00 PER 100ml
75ML - €75.00

Le Male

Distinguished by its chiselled, sailor-inspired bottle (a tribute to the designer’s muse) it stands out at a first glance as well as at first spritz – which will make it an easy one to reach for in the mornings in anticipation of a long day of work.

This gift set contains: Eau de Toilette 75ml and Deodorant stick 75ml

A firm favourite since it bounded on the scene back in 1995, you’ll be hard-pushed to find any faults with this magnetic concoction. Fresh? Check, it opens with a hint of mint. Unique? Check, the warming lavender is an intriguing inclusion at the heart. Masculine? Check, the cinnamon and cumin rank well on the ‘macho’ scale.




Le Male sailor is so sexy. Even the ice melts and breaks up in his wake. It’s worth pointing out that the ocean blue metal Christmas gift set is unsinkable and recyclable - no matter how bad the weather gets. And it contains no plastic. So cosy and warm thanks to the gold and down jacket quilting on the cover. Tied with a kraft ribbon and protected in an eco-friendly box. This gift set contains the famous Gaultier torso bottle, a mini travel spray plus an amber fern spray deodorant. In just a few manful manoeuvres, the temperature changes. Watch out. Storm warning on the heart side. Le Male has come ashore to party. So hot in his legendary sailor top.

With fresh amber fern notes in the stern, splash your bare torsos and wrists with Le Male eau de toilette. Don’t forget the collar of your sailor top! Just one little spray and you’ll be sexier and more manly than ever. Fabulous Gaultier for guaranteed fun.

Spray this fragranced deodorant under your muscular arms. One manly and sensual spritz, and you’re fresh and ready to party. Time to put on your holiday sailor tops. However cold it gets, the party promises to be hot.

- Eau de Toilette Spray (75ml)
- Deodorant
- Travel Spray