Storing & Wearing Your Fragrance

How to Store

Wherever possible, bottles should be stored in a cool dark place. The cooler the temperature, the longer the smell will remain true. Keep out of direct sunlight and store in the box if possible. If you have two bottles the same, try to keep one sealed until you have finished the other.

  • Wrist
  • Crook of your arm
  • Behind the knees
  • Behind the ears

Perfume should be sprayed about 20cm from the body.
This allows the perfume to become a mist and absorb into the skin better. Spraying too close to your body may prevent the perfume from drying naturally to release its various different notes.

Don’t Rub It!

The most common error that people make when they put scent on is to rub their wrists together. Rubbing the perfume causes the different delicate notes to bruise together. Also rubbing removes the top notes causing the perfume to smell different

Hair Spray

For a lovely overall layer of perfume, spray the bottle up into the air at arms length - then walk into the scented cloud.

Special Occasions

Using two or more products from the same perfume range will increase the length of time that the smell stays true on the skin.

Follow these rules for maximum staying power perfumes:
  1. Start with a body wash or shower gel
  2. Then use a body lotion or cream whilst the body is still damp
  3. A quick all round use of EDT
  4. Then some key applications of perfume on your pulse points

For Men – Aftershave or EDT

EDT should not be sprayed on the face just on the neck and body. Aftershaves and aftershave balms should be used on the face.