“Invisible jewelry”. Each Cartier fragrance is living poetry. Carat, La Panthère, Déclaration…, warming the heart and senses of our loved ones. Cartier in-house Perfumer since 2005, Mathilde Laurent favours olfactive independence. Her perfumes redefine the codes of traditional perfumery. SHOCK, INSTINCTS, INVISIBLE JEWELRY, FREEDOM, IMBALANCE: these are the concepts used by Mathilde Laurent, to express her inspired and singular vision of fragrance. She breaks the clichés in the world of fragrance in five statements and defines what fragrance is not. Perfume is not an instant gratification. It is a shock. Perfume is not a routine. It is invisible jewellery. Perfume is not sanitized. It awakens our instincts.​ Perfume is not a gender. It is the freedom of self. Perfume is not harmony. It is imbalance.​