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About Givenchy

Parfums Givenchy was founded in 1957 by couture designer Hubert de Givenchy. The House is driven by an advant-garde vision and creative spirit, that dares women and men to set their unique elegance free. The move to perfumery was instinctive to Hubert, as he considered perfumes an extension of his couture.

Once forbidden, now reborn: L'Interdit Eau de Parfum. A tribute to bold femininity. Forbit yourself nothing, allow no rules. An invitation to defy convention and embrace your singularity. A forbidden blend of a white flower and a dark accord.


With Gentleman Givenchy, the House of Parfums Givenchy writes a new chapter. The new Gentleman Givenchy is a modernised classic, for a gentleman who exudes refinement without ever seeming to try. With multiple facets and strong personality, Givenchy has dared to offer a delicate yet dauntless Eau de Toilette, creating a timeless trail for the modern man who fully accepts his nuances and paradoxes. This is the new gentle man.

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