Midnight Rose
Eau de Parfum

Product code: 1239252 | RRP €199.00 | €199.00 PER 100ml
100ML - €199.00


Top notes
Lychee, Mate, Pomelo
Heart notes
Iris, Lily, Red Rose
Base notes
Oud, Amber


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Shimmering and dreamy, provocative and dark, light and warm, Amouroud is a collection of olfactory memories and stories, real and imaginary. Each of the fragrances in the Amouroud collection is created with the highest quality raw materials resulting in beautifully long-lasting scents that are innovative, refined and characterful. The inclusion of Oud in each of the fragrances offers unparalleled intensity and longevity. Opening with the freshness of early morning roses heavy with dew, Midnight Rose sparkles with notes of Lychee, Mate and Pomelo. Heart notes of Iris, Lily and pure Red Rose add a calming sensuality before the fragrance evolves into a glorious night garden with warm, dark-hued Oud anchoring the composition, alongside labdanum and amber, ensuring this magnificent fragrance lingers long after midnight.