The Perfume Story

Alexander McQueen


The signature scent for women

McQueen has created a unique scent, one that gives strength to your imagination. It is made from the precious essence of three night-blooming flowers, a parfum that unfolds the mysterious power in you. Uniquely McQueen.

The Story of an Ageless Harvest Ritual

Sambac Jasmine

Rising out of the darkness

Sambac Jasmine is the essence of power and romance. Originating in the Eastern Himalayas, the flower opens under the moon, exuding a sweet and complex aroma until morning.

Alexander McQueen


An erotic siren

Tuberose is the warm, intoxicating heart of seduction. A rare and deep extract, it is both regal and forbidden – the scent of Louis XIV’s gardens at Versailles, where the innocent could not venture after dark without submitting to their desires.

Alexander McQueen

Ylang Ylang

An exotic journey

Ylang Ylang is the mysterious scent of a perfect morning. Most fragrant at first light in the jungles of the Comoro Islands, its exotic, yellow flowers are potent with a sense of renewal, transformation, and the wisdom that outlives danger.

Alexander McQueen
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