J'adore Absolu
Eau de Parfum Spray

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WHAT IT IS? J'adore absolu Eau de Parfum is the new floral nectar by the House of Dior. The new fragrance is built around Grasse Jasmine, a capricious beauty that requires patience, harvested at the precise moment when, drenched in sunlight, it releases its most sensual accents. The flowers of J'adore made into a nectar. Sun-drenched absolutes of Rose Centifolia, Grasse Jasmine, Arabian Jasmine and Indian Tuberose become honeyed and intertwine in a delectably plump and sensual composition. OLFACTORY DESCRIPTION "In the morning, Jasmine has livelier, almost blackcurrant accents. When picked, it gives itself over completely and delivers its animal-like power. In the cooler, humid air of evening, when it reopens, it unleashes extraordinary sensations. When the harvest is over, Jasmine can let go and become fuller and even more voluptuous. It diffuses its fruity, apricot accents. I wanted to embody all the beauty of these many facets." François Demachy - Dior Perfumer-Creator. The J'adore absolu amphora is adorned with a new supple, almost fluid necklace, like a delicate jewel dancing around a woman's neck, following her every movement.