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Guide to choosing perfume | Expert advice | The Perfume Shop

How to choose the right perfume for me

How to choose the right perfume feature
Words: Elena Andreou


Have you been wearing the same fragrance since your ‘glory days’ and fancy a change? Or maybe you’ve never ventured into the perfume arena before now? Whatever stage you’re at in your fragrance journey, our experts are here to help you start afresh and find a new signature scent. Here’s our ultimate guide to choosing perfume that’ll hit all the right notes…

Never try too many fragrances in one go

Even if you’re on a shopping mission to find ‘the one’ it’s worth limiting your fragrance tests to up to three at any one time. Test them on the skin for at least 24 hours and if you want to test more then trial another three until you find one you want to wear for more than a day.


Pop in and visit our in-store experts help narrow down your options. They’ll be able to help you narrow down your choices for the all-important skin test.

Test for at least 4 hours

When you first smell get a whiff of a fragrance you’re actually only smelling the top notes. As the fragrance settles you then smell the heart notes and eventually the base notes. Never decide or dismiss a scent on the top notes alone, always allow the scent to evolve for at least 4 hours.

If you can still smell it, it's not the one

It’s a common misconception that when you stop being able to smell a fragrance on your own skin it means it isn’t lasting long enough. But, if you can still smell a scent lingering 15 minutes after application then you’re likely to become bothered by the fragrance and it could result in a headache. Instead, ask someone next to you if they can still smell the scent on you and go with that answer as opposed to your own sense of smell.

Understand fragrance notes & fragrance families

Before you look for something new, try to get a better understanding of what your existing fragrance collection says about you – knowledge is power! Familiarise yourself with fragrance families that you tend to go for and decide what common notes feature throughout.

Don't follow the trends, follow your favourite

Ouds might be booming in popularity and fancy flowers may be your best friends top pick, but you should never select a scent based on other people’s opinions. It is a personal choice, so always go with what naturally appeals to your senses and style.

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