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Tried & Tested: spraying perfume on my belly button - SCENTS Blog

Tried & Tested: spraying perfume on my belly button

Tried & Tested: spraying perfume on my belly button

My boyfriend thought I had officially lost the plot when I jumped out of the shower and started spraying perfume on my belly button…

Why was I doing it? Well, last week, experts announced that spraying perfume on your belly button enhances its smell as it’s a pulse point. And as a perfume addict, I wanted to be the first to try it.

The perfume that came to mind for this test was Tommy Hilfiger The Girl because I could totally imagine the campaign girl, Gigi Hadid, in a crop top, spraying perfume on her belly. But, more importantly, I can’t get enough of the fresh notes of green fig leaves, pear and jasmine (blissful).

My first belly spritz was a weird experience. Not only was the perfume cold, but it also felt a bit stingy. And where you’d usually smell perfume as soon as you spray it on your neck, it took a good 10 seconds to travel from belly to nose. I could smell the airiness of the fruity-floral combo, which reminded me of the crisp air outside, before I’d even stepped out the door.

Obviously, wearing a woolly jumper (as opposed to a crop top) toned down the smell slightly, which I quite liked (I always opt for subtle fragrances in the office).

tommyhilfigerthegirlI spritzed The Girl every few hours in the office and, sure enough, my colleagues complimented the smell. ‘It’s from my belly,’ I replied (they thought I was talking rubbish).

At 3:10pm I checked up on my belly button. It was now pink and had white wool (from my jumper) hanging out. Another spritz at 5:20pm sent my belly button into further turmoil – a rash appeared.

Perhaps belly button perfume isn’t for me, but I’d recommend it for anyone who wants to smell amazing from all angles. It doesn’t maximise the smell as I expected it to, but pre-rash, it was a lovely olfactory experience.

And I think the perfume trend could work wonders on holiday, especially when you’re wearing a crop top.

But for now it’s bye from me and my belly – which won’t be trying perfume again any time soon.

Image: IStock
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