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#TEAMTPS swap fragrances for 24 hours - SCENTS Blog

#TEAMTPS swap fragrances for 24 hours

#TEAMTPS swap fragrances for 24 hours

Ever tried your colleagues’ fragrance for 24 hours? Well, this is totally normal here at The Perfume Shop. Yes, we love trying scents that we wouldn’t normally wear. So we got two lovely ladies from our store in Newcastle to swap fragrances for 24 hours. Here’s what happened…

2Bethany Carruthers, Sales Assistant

Signature scent: Marc Jacobs Decadence

Tested: YSL Mon Paris

‘I wasn’t sure if YSL Mon Paris, Georgia’s signature fragrance, would suit me. However, when I put it on in the morning, it instantly made me fun and youthful, with its powerful feminine scent. By the time I got home in the evening, the scent had settled, allowing the musky base notes to appear, leaving an air of sexiness and relaxation. The next day, the fragrance lingered subtly on my clothes. I’m not sure if this experience will make me stray from my favourite fragrance, Marc Jacobs Decadence, but it has encouraged me to try new scents.’



1Georgia Addison, Sales Assistant

Signature scent: YSL Mon Paris

Tested: Marc Jacobs Decadence

‘My first thought about Marc Jacobs Decadence was that it’s a fairly heavy fragrance, and I usually wear scents that are quite light and sweet. When I put it on, I was a bit apprehensive. With its top notes of iris, saffron and plum, you can really smell the floral iris. As the day got on and the perfume began to settle, it was still quite strong, but that meant it was long lasting. The iris remained strong but not as potent as earlier. The next morning, I was still able to smell the fragrance on a coat I had worn the previous day. Overall, it made me feel very feminine. It’s a fragrance I would wear again, especially if I go out dancing the night away, as I now know it’s long lasting.’

Yves Saint LaurentMon ParisEau de Parfum for her£52.00See Product
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