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SCENTS street style: what perfume are you wearing today? - SCENTS Blog

SCENTS street style: what perfume are you wearing today?

SCENTS street style: what perfume are you wearing today?

We all have that one special perfume. What’s yours? This week we took to the streets of London to check out the perfumes you love wearing around town. And, guys, it’s fair to say you’ve got excellent taste…

amyAmy Larkin, pet sitter and dog walker

‘Today I’m wearing Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure because it’s fresh and bold. I find myself getting blasts of it throughout the day, too. With my job, I trek through the streets and parks of London, clocking up over 10,000 steps a day. So this is the perfect fragrance for me – it smells amazing and lasts for ages!’

PhilPhil Quinn, business development manager at Scottish Widows

‘I’m wearing Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male today. It’s one of those scents that you can’t get enough of. Sometimes, I’ll wear it on the weekend too. The smells of lavender and orange blossom are perfect for meetings with clients as well as having dinner out after work.’

NicoleNicole Rodriguez, receptionist intern at The River Group

‘I absolutely love Armani Si Rose Signature, which I’m wearing today. To me, it smells like a rose garden, so when I spray it in the morning before I leave the house, it makes me feel really positive. I can’t imagine wearing anything else to work each day.’


Johnny Seifert, assistant producer at Talk Radio

Hugo Boss Just Different is my favourite fragrance – I actually have it in my bag with me today. The notes of apple and mint keep me smelling fresh when I’m rushing around. And I love that I can spray it once in the morning and still smell amazing as the day goes on.’