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Perfume review: Elizabeth Arden White Tea - SCENTS Blog

Perfume review: Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Perfume review: Elizabeth Arden White Tea

Photo (1)Are you more of a tea or coffee lover? If you’ve just answered tea, I’ve got some exciting news for you…

Following the launch of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea fragrance in 1999, another tea-based scent, perfect for summer, has just been introduced – and it’s called Elizabeth Arden White Tea.

Being a little tea mad myself, I was curious to see how tea could be translated into a scent. So, for a few days last week, I swapped my usual scent of choice for Elizabeth Arden White Tea. I had my reservations at first, as white tea is such a delicate aroma, but Arden has done a spectacular job of translating the scent into a fragrance, ensuring that white tea remains its strongest feature.

Having fallen in love with the fragrance, I decided to get a second opinion. The friends and family I asked to try it shared a similar view, describing it as calming and tranquil, reminding them of freshly washed and dried white linen.

If you’re looking for a new fragrance for this season, Elizabeth Arden White Tea is the perfect choice, with its hints of Italian mandarin, white iris and white tea extract, which combine to produce a fresh spring/summer scent. It’s an eau de toilette, so the fragrance remains subtle, calming, pure and uncomplicated. For this reason, I would recommend it for summer daytime wear.

Elizabeth Arden White TeaIn line with the simplicity and refreshing theme of the scent, the bottle is refined, understated and clean, perfectly summing up the fragrance inside. Elizabeth Arden White Tea truly reflects the pleasure that comes with that first sip of tea. What’s not to love?

Elizabeth ArdenWhite TeaEau de Toilette for her£16.99See Product