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From OTT to NO-TT: the changing face of the perfume bottle - SCENTS Blog

From OTT to NO-TT: the changing face of the perfume bottle

Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man Eau de Toilette for him £46.50 null Quick buy >

Perfume bottles have come a long way over the years. As trends, juices and packaging have matured, perfume design has been given a major make-under. Yep, we may have seen abstract notes like marine accords, almond milk and caviar cause a riff in the industry, but in the last year consumers have opted for simple, minimalistic bottle designs.


Could this be triggered by the trend of gender-fluid scents? Roja Dove thinks so. ‘As niche and indie brands have become more sought after of recent years, highly commercial brands have followed in their footsteps,’ he says. ‘One thing this particular market has done over the years is focus more on the scent than the marketing behind it, leaving space for the bottles to be deemed more unisex than their mass-market counterparts.’


And a recent survey by found that 48% of perfume lovers preferred a simple bottle design to an extravagant one, with 67% claiming it made the scent feel higher end.

But this was NOT always the case. The birth of the new millennium brought with it some extravagant bottles – and that’s an understatement. Take, Vera Wang Princess, for example, in its heart-shaped lilac bottle with a jewelled crown. We’re obsessed with the even more lavish concoction of apple, golden apricot skin, dark chocolate and vanilla. This perfume has our hearts.


In 2001, Paco Rabanne launched Ultraviolet Man, nodding to the evolution of technology (but isn’t it crazy that iPhones weren’t even around then?). In a silver and purple design that resembled a hole puncher (do you see it, too?), this masculine scent oozes mint, vanilla, pepper and amber. Spicy fans, you’ve got to try it!


Flash-forward to 2018 and it’s out with the OTT and in with the understated – in line with the chic, minimalistic Scandinavian interiors that have taken over the world (and Pinterest). Say hello to Calvin Klein Obsessed for her, in its plain, chic bottle. The smell? An uncomplicated mix of citrus, white lavender and musk. Bonus: it won’t clash with anything on your dressing table.


Brand Product Name Description of the Product Price null Quick buy >
Yves Saint Laurent Y Eau de Toilette for him £53.00 null Quick buy >

Then there’s the new YSL Y for him, which has a pretty simple bottle design for such an advanced creation, we say. It’s as daring as it gets, thanks to its notes of dark accord (a combination of bold base notes), incense and geranium. The overall smell is in contrast to the bottle – sexy, strong and intense, inspired by the modern man and achieving your dreams.


The good news? Minimalistic perfume bottles are here to stay. Prepare to see them flood the scent scene this year…