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One scent, three ways: Stella McCartney POP - SCENTS Blog

One scent, three ways: Stella McCartney POP

One scent

We can't stop spritzing Stella McCartney POP. Yep, it's a bit of an obsession (help us). So if you're also a fan, here are the three ways to rock POP...

POP_BottlePackshot_1936x1936pxAt an outdoor wedding

It just got a lot easier to smell floral and chic at an outdoor wedding. That's right - we're talking barn, forest and beach settings. Why? POP is refreshing and made for the great outdoors, thanks to its unique notes of tomato leaves, violet and plumeria flowers. And who needs arm candy when you smell as fresh as this. Our top tip? Spray at aisle and dance floor o'clock for maximum impact.

At your dinner party

Say bye to the sun, people, and hello to entertaining at home. As we embrace the colder months of autumn, it's time to start cooking for all your friends. And along with the fairy lights, candles and flowers, we suggest you smell insane with Stella McCartney POP. The sophisticated notes of sandalwood, musk and tuberose will get everyone talking. And we promise they'll notice the smell way before the food cooking...

On your winter travels

Planning a winter getaway? Well, now you can tick perfume off your list. POP oozes mandarin and violet leaves at its top, making it spicy and energetic, and in a matter of minutes, the musk and cedarwood come through, to form a delightful, warm duo. It's perfect for so many activities, from exploring tropical rainforests to kayaking down rivers. So whether you're heading north, south, east or west, this perfume will keep you grounded...