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Life bottled: your perfume points explained - SCENTS Blog

Life bottled: your perfume points explained

Life bottled: your perfume points explained

Thought perfume was just for your wrists and neck? Wrong! Yep, this is a real OMG moment… we’re about to tell you how you can apply it to other perfume points – your hair, elbows, ear lobes and knees (we know, WHOA!)…


Perfume is your new hair hero, people. It may sound alternative, but perfume on your hair lasts longer. Apply your fragrance to the nape of your neck, just on the hairline, and the heat and movement will create a trail of scent. What could be better? So opt for a sweet, fruity fragrance for your hair scent, like Hugo Boss Boss The Scent For Her, with notes of honeyed peach, or Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Unlimited for him, with juicy pineapple… yum.


Trust us, we’re not crazy! The inside of the elbows has good blood circulation, so the skin there is especially warm, which magnifies your scent. And that’s good news to us! So try it out with these gorge new launches – Chloé Fleur de Parfum for her, which mixes rose and cherry blossom (we want to spray it everywhere), or Prada L’Homme Prada for him – a beautiful blend of neroli and violet. Mmm… your elbows never smelt so good.

33Ear lobes

Say whaat!? Yes, what you read is true. You can apply perfume to your earlobes. And your life is about to change! Apply perfume just below your earlobes, where the skin is warm – and, voila, you’ll be the best-smelling person in the room. Try it with a subtle scent like Lacoste Pour Elle Elegant for her (mimosa and vanilla) or Armani Acqua di Gio for him (an aquatic fragrance with lemon and lime).


You know that place behind your knees, where it’s super-warm? This is a prime spot for perfume, and whichever one you choose, it’ll let off a strong (but incred) aroma. Try Michael Bublé By Invitation for her, his debut fragrance, which we’re obsessed with, with its notes of rose and peony, our fave duo. Guys should try the new Cartier L’Envol De Cartier, with its great combo of honey and musk. The incred smell may just make you go weak at the knees…

Image: IStock