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How to choose perfume for your partner - SCENTS Blog

How to choose perfume for your partner

Husband giving his wife a present

Words: Emily Venables


Buying perfume for a loved one can be a little tricky. So, to avoid an awkward present unwrapping, follow our simple tips on how to choose perfume for your partner and get it right every single time -  whether its for a birthday, special occasion or simply because you think they're amazing and deserve a little treat!

What do they usually wear?

Try and find out what your partner usually wears, without giving away the surprise, of course! Have a sneaky peak at what they spray on themselves in the morning or for a night out. Or, if you are not living with your partner, when you see them next pay them a compliment such as “The perfume you are wearing smells amazing, what is it?” to get an idea of the kind of fragrances they like. Take this suggestion to The Perfume Shop, and we’ll help you one find that they’ll love!

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Choose the scent, not the packaging

Perfumes are often bottled in elegant, beautiful packaging and it can be tempting to choose something super-cute looking without actually smelling the perfume and keeping your fingers crossed the scent matches what your partner loves. If you’re buying a gift its best to avoid this tactic.


Head in to one of The Perfume Shop and our expert staff will happily guide you to the right scent, or if you have to buy online, make the most of our ‘Try Me’ service where we will send you a free sample of your chosen scent with your order. This way, you can smell the fragrance before you wrap it up and surprise your partner. If it’s not quite right, send back the unopened full-size bottle and try again!

Consider your partner’s personality

When you choose a perfume, it’s really important to consider the kind of person who will be wearing it. Is your partner an outgoing person who will adore a strong fragrance with an intense scent that’ll make them stand out or are they more reserved, so they will better suit a demure, subtle fragrance? See below for some personality inspiration:

Floral scents:

For the hopeless romantic

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle En Rose Eau de Toilette for her Price null Quick buy >
DIOR Dior Homme Eau de Toilette for him Price null Quick buy >

Citrus scents:

For the dynamic and energetic

Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette Price null Quick buy >
Paco Rabanne Invictus Aqua Eau de Toilette for him Price null Quick buy >

Oriental scents:

For the adventurous and sensual

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Légère Eau de Parfum for her Price null Quick buy >
HUGO BOSS BOSS Bottled Night Eau de Toilette for him Price null Quick buy >

Buying perfume can be tricky, but with a little planning and know-how – we’re sure you’ll get it spot on!

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