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5 things to pack for Freshers week | The Perfume Shop

5 things to pack for Fresher’s Week

5 things to pack for freshers week
Words: Elena Andreou


Freshers week is a rite of passage for any university student – fact. It’s a time where you’ll be thrown into weird and wonderful social situations whilst simultaneously attempting to ‘adult’ at life. So, if you want to mentally prepare yourself for the carnage, then we’ve got just the trick. Here are the 5 things you need to pack with you to make it through those all-important first few days…

Conversation Starters

And no, we’re not talking about cue cards packed with interesting facts about yourself. We’re talking food. If you’re a bit nervous about chatting to your new roommates then nothing breaks the ice better than a choccie or two.

Party Essentials

During Freshers week, normal social hours (Thursday night – Sunday) are out of the question. Prepare to receive invites to go out out every night of the week and that’s not to mention those impromptu gathering-in-the-halls-kitchen soirees. To make sure you’re ready for wherever the night takes you pack a killer party clutch bag – complete with foldable flats, travel-friendly perfume (hello, new Thierry Mugler pens) and a bold lipstick that can completely transform your failsafe LBD.

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First Aid Kit

If you’re moving away from home, you won’t have that big cupboard of ‘in-case-of-emergency’ items that you’re used to relying on. So, stock up on all the things you’d typically find in a first aid kit. Think plasters, paracetamol and a few multi-vitamins wouldn’t go amiss. It’s better to be safe than sorry…

Home Comforts

To help you feel more settled in your new environment, make sure you pack some things that remind you of home. Whether it’s the blanket you’ve always snuggled up to or your favourite mug, it’s these small things that will make a big difference when it comes to making your dorm feel like a cosy retreat. And you can also add a few more homely touches with a little spruce up - think colourful cushions, scented candles and framed pictures.

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Do you have a reading list as long as your arm? Maybe your lecture schedule is a little bit more full-on that you’d imagined? Use the week before you get thrown into your studies to do a bit of forward-planning. Get a wall/desk calendar or a daily planner and start scribbling in all of your sessions to stay ahead.


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