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Everything you need to know about: perfume oil concentration - SCENTS Blog

Everything you need to know about: perfume oil concentration

Everything you need to know about: perfume oil concentration

Oil concentration sounds scary, we know. So here's the lowdown: the amount of oil in a perfume influences the strength or subtlety of its smell. See - simple!

And to find your next summer fragrance, you'll need to know which type of scent suits you best. Forget personal shoppers and say hello to your new fairy godmother - that's us! With a little help from fragrance expert Michael Edwards, here's everything you need to know about perfume oil concentration...

tommygirlEau de Cologne

If strong scents don't quite cut it for you, you'll want to get friendly with an eau de Cologne. This is the most diluted form of fragrance, perfect for you subtle scent lovers. 'Eau de Cologne contains only a small amount of oil, so it's ideal for warmer climates or for those who like to smell fresh but not overly fragranced,' says Michael. Embrace summer now with Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl for her, which is basically the most beaut cologne out there. It's like spraying scented water on your skin, thanks to its notes of apple blossom, tangerine and rose. Lush!

edt1Eau de toilette

Take note, people. If you love a certain scent but don't want it to follow you around, an eau de toilette is your match. It's one of the most popular forms of fragrance. Why? It's all about the top notes, which don't linger. 'An eau de toilette has up to 18% of essential oils,' says Michael. 'It's perfect for everyday wear or for people who aren't comfortable with intense fragrances.' We're obsessed with Gucci Guilty Diamond Limited Edition for her, which smells of peach and geranium to get you through summer. Guys should opt for Hugo Boss Boss Bottled Unlimited, a fresh scent created with mint, iced violet leaves and pineapple. Mmm!

edp1Eau de parfum

We know you like to be noticed. And who doesn't? Well, the smell of an eau de parfum is striking straight away, thanks to its strong middle and heart notes. It has up to 20% of essential oil concentration, so it'll get the compliments flooding in. 'Eau de parfum is best suited to those who enjoy a longer-lasting, more intense fragrance,' says Michael. So if you're ready to make a statement, choose Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pure for her or Ralph Lauren Polo Supreme Oud for him. You'll love the floral hints of lily of the valley and orange blossom in Pure, and the smoky notes of cinnamon and pepper in Supreme Oud. Our love affair with these two will never end...

theoneAftershave lotion

This one's for the guys. While aftershave lotion isn't a fragrance, it moistures your face after shaving. And we have the perfect lotions to leave you smelling incred. 'The dosage of fragrance oil in aftershave lotion is about 1-2%,' says Michael. 'It has a lighter scent than fragrance and incorporates calming antiseptics.' So if there's one aftershave lotion you have to try, it's Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men. Love the spicy, oriental combo of grapefruit, orange blossom and tobacco in the scent? Well, you'll love this even more after a good shave. Just try it! We promise it won't disappoint.