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Editor review: new Prada Candy Gloss - SCENTS Blog

Editor review: new Prada Candy Gloss

Editor review: new Prada Candy Gloss

FullSizeRender (21)Prada Candy Gloss is my new BFFE and here’s why… I test it for the first time in the office, it’s been raining outside, my mascara has smudged BIG TIME, and my hair is now a frizz ball. My mood? Could be better. But as I spritz it, everything changes. The smell completely brightens up my morning. Thanks, Prada.

Where do I start? With the bottle. It’s not only beautiful – bright pink with shiny gold piping – but totally Instagrammable (Amaro filter, eat your heart out). LOVE.

Then there’s the smell. At first you get the sweet base notes of vanilla/almond and musk, followed by a sugared-almond dragee, which creates a marzipan-like sweetness. Prada Candy Gloss continues to live up to its name with its gourmand top notes of cherry and heart of orange blossom. It’s a smell you want to indulge in instantly – uplifting you through its richness. And for all this, it manages to avoid sickly sweetness, which is perfect for me, as someone who can’t stand the taste or smell of sugar-coated anything!

They say that if you can’t smell a fragrance a while after you spray it, it’s not a good ‘un. A few hours later, I sniff the blotter that’s sprayed with Candy Gloss. Although slightly faded, with the musk taking charge, the scent is still as sweet as it was at first spritz. It’s sophisticated, feminine and powerful.

There’s not really only one place I would wear Candy Gloss. I’d wear it in the office, on holiday and at the next wedding I attend. I’d pair it with trackie bottoms or a ball gown. Prada Candy Gloss is the most adaptable, sociable perfume out there.

It arrives in store and online on 15 May 2017. Set your reminder in the calendar – you’ll want to get your hands on it ASAP!