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Why crystals and perfume are the perfect combo: introducing Marc Jacobs Sparkle - SCENTS Blog

Why crystals and perfume are the perfect combo: introducing Marc Jacobs Sparkle


As we all know, anything sparkly is a girl’s best friend, which is why we’re loving the new Marc Jacobs Daisy Anniversary Limited Edition. Yep, it’s everything we want in one place, with the same juice of Marc Jacobs Daisy and the bottle studded with sparkling crystals. Here’s why we’re all for it this month…


1. It celebrates the much-loved Marc Jacobs Daisy

That’s right, this limited edition celebrates one thing – the brilliance of Marc Jacobs Daisy. And no one can deny it, with its divine notes of succulent wild berries, soft white violets and velvety jasmine. If they don’t entice you, are you even human? For all Marc Jacobs Daisy addicts, this new bottle is perfect…

2. It looks incred on your perfume shelfie

There are no words that do justice to the gorgeous Marc Jacobs Daisy Anniversary Limited Edition bottle, but we’ll try our best. Made of frosted glass, it’s instantly a classic, set off with a cap made up of the retro-cool Daisy flower petals, but this time studded with large sparkling crystal stones. To lift your spirits even more, the packaging is gold. What better to match your fave sparkling jewellery? We say, treat yourself to this, or buy it for your favourite person in the world.

3. It’s EXACTLY the same price as the original – bargain!

We aren’t kidding – the Marc Jacobs Daisy Anniversary Limited Edition is exactly the same price as the original Daisy. So there’s no better time to grab it than now, in its snazzy new bottle. It won’t break the bank at £55 for 50ml£78 for 100ml. And it’s an obvious essential in your life right now…