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Christmas party games to play with family and friends - SCENTS Blog

Christmas party games to play with family and friends


Words: Emily Venables


Christmas time brings together friends and family to eat, drink and be merry! But when the small talk dries up, you’ve eaten your weight in turkey and there’s not much to do until the EastEnders Christmas drama appears on the telly, try bringing everyone together for some game time fun. Here’s our favourite games to keep the Christmas cheer flowing this year that you can play with anyone! Remember though, play nice!

Santa Belly Limbo

This one is bound to provide some giggles and you don't need a lot to get everyone involved! A festive twist on the classic limbo game - each put a balloon inside your Crimbo jumper to create your own 'Santa belly' and get ready to get low! Hang a string of lights, ribbon or a festive scarf and shimmy yourself underneath. Each round, hold the bar lower -  the lowest limbo-er wins!

Friends playing Christmas limbo in Christmas jumpers
A flat lay of christmas presents in red and gold wrapping ready for a christmas party

Christmas scavenger hunt

A Christmas scavenger hunt is really easy to set up and will keep your guests occupied for as long as you need them to be! Before your guests arrive, gather a selection of Christmas themed items – such as a cracker, Christmas hat, candy canes etc (or even your gifts to your guests) and hide them around the house. Write out a list of items they have to find and a clue to lead them to each one. The more festive the better i.e. ‘Santa Claus wears a bright suit made of red, go find the next clue where you rest your head!’.

 Who am I?

No cheating now! The name of the game is to guess the name of the Christmas related character that you have stuck to your forehead. Start the evening by writing a selection of Crimbo-related people on post-it-notes (think Santa, the Grinch or even Jack Skeleton!) and everyone chooses one, and without looking, sticks it to themselves. Everyone has to ask each other 'yes' or 'no' questions to guess their new identities. Adults only? Limit the questions to 3 and each question you go over the limit, have a drink!


Group of adults playing Who Am I? game

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