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Your Black Friday survival guide - SCENTS Blog

Your Black Friday survival guide

Your Black Friday survival guide

Don’t fear, your Black Friday survival guide is here – meaning you’ll be ready for the biggest shopping event of the year. And here’s The Perfume Shop’s Customer Service Co-ordinator, Jessica Eld, with her top tips. Ready, steady, shop…

jesssquare1. Pack an energy bar

Hard-core shopper? It might sound silly, but you’ll need a power bar to help you pull through the day. ‚ÄúThis means you’ll have the energy to shop ’til you drop,’ says Jessica. ‚ÄúAnd you know what that means? If you get all your shopping done on Black Friday, there’s no more shopping for you before Christmas.’

2. Do your early Christmas shopping

You know that LONG Santa list at home? You can totally cut it down on Black Friday. In fact, we advise you to so that you don’t stress closer to Christmas. ‚ÄúMy top tip for anyone wanting to do their Christmas shopping? Get there early,’ says Jessica. ‚ÄúYou may end up queuing with others who have had the same idea but you are more likely to get the best deals!’ Woo, we’re already in the queue. Literally…

3. Stay up late the night before

Yep – be a rebel! ‚ÄúIf you can handle staying up late on Sunday 20 November (from 6pm onwards) when the deals go live online at The Perfume Shop, why not place a click-and-collect order to be picked up from your local store?’ says Jessica. ‚ÄúThe customer service team will be there until 2am, so if you’ve get any queries, we’ll be on hand to help as the deals go live!’

4. Don‘t forget about Cyber Monday

‚ÄúMark Cyber Monday (Monday 28 November) in your diary too,’ says Jessica. ‚ÄúThe deals at The Perfume Shop will be continuing over the weekend through to the Monday, so keep your eye out.’ Wahey! More deals for you. You’re so lucky!

Image: IStock